I combined the atari video game Boulder Dash and «Hänsel und Gretel».
The classic Brothers Grimm Fable „Hänsel und Gretel“ explores the topics of child neglect and poverty. In this game, we are navigating the siblings through the seemingly happy and lucky gingerbread house. This is an analogy to the harsh truth for many a children in our current time: Even in a seemingly happy and prosperous home they may be abandoned.
Child neglect can lead to detrimential consequences such as trauma and personality disorders and will affect the person for life.
In this game I have symbolized the regenerating items as drops, representing water which is crucial for life itself, but also the (missing) sentiment of their parents. They can temporarily convince themselves, that their parents actually do care, but in time as the game progresses, the regeneration drops are getting fewer and it gets near impossible to win.

-Sibel Metinogl, Retromorphose