As The Crow Flies

As the Crow Flies is a Game based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale called “Fitcher’s Bird”.
The concept of Whistle-blowers plays an important role, as the main gameplay involves navigating a maze with the W A S D keys and picking up Collectables (be it the body parts of the fairy tale or pieces of information) while dodging an Enemy (Bluebeard/The Wizard or the Authorities).

Picking up all Collectables results in the good Ending (saving your sisters/ revealing the truth) whereas not collecting them all results in a bad Ending (incomplete sisters/ incomplete truth). Being caught results in death.

Use Enter when prompted, use ESC to end the game at any time.
Find all or as many Collectables as you can and follow the whistling in the last level to escape.

-Michael Kämpfer , Retromorphose