In the game: Pig Pig Pig, you are experiencing the story of the three little pigs in a new way. A video game that guides you to learn to read while having fun. The whole game is only constructed with text. Co- lors, movement, and sound make you understand the topic and guess what the words mean. Each of the three pigs is a level. Be fast enough to stay alive and get all your furniture to build your houses. Be careful not all the houses are strong enough in concurrence with the great wolf!

The three little pigs is a classic fairy tale that inspired me to work on a visually reduced game. I searched for information about this story and I stepped on many websites that were saying that this story is often used to learn to read. This is how my idea of using Illiteracy as a social critical topic.
The main idea is to use only text to create this game. While playing a person who can’t read English could recognize by the colors and the interactions of each character of the famous story. This game could help to learn a few words.
Design-wise I decided to use colors as the object or animal it represents to clarify the story for someone who is learning. For the sound, I worked on the pro- nunciation of each word written and try to make it fit with the game like the background sound that says quietly: Wiiiiind.

-Kathleen Bohren, Retromorphose